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Nikko Craw

Nikko Craw

Nikko’s amazing new craws are finally here!
Size: 3.2″ tip to tip, 2.1″ body
5 craws per pack

Made of Nikko’s famous super tough material, these baits will last longer than anything on the market. Claws are 2-3X stronger than other craws and won’t tear off easily, saving time and money.

The wide claw stance, floating claws, arched body posture and tucked tail create an ultra realistic defensive/vulnerable presentation to encourage bites.
Highly detailed down to the belly, antennae angles, and unique bumps on the shell, Nikko craws bring a whole new level of realism to the craw world.

Will take up to 4/0 EWG hooks. Top slit allows for weedless presentations with a variety of hook sizes. Under the tail is a unique slit to make rigging easier and true.

Scented with 100% natural food-grade crustaceans.
Free of environmental hormones and toxin-free.

Fusion, Galaxy and Magma Craw models contain glow flake…a pioneering first in the USA.

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